Save Small Wild Cats



of your donation will be used to help protect small wild cats around the world

There will be a box that revolves here, showing what 20, 50 and 100 dollars will get you. For example:

Image 1: $20 will help organize awareness programs for kids and youth to teach them about geoffroys cats

Image 2: $50 will help build a fishing cat-proof hen house

Image 3: $100 will help buy a camera trap to detect which habitats rusty-spotted cats reside in


This will keep changing ever 3 seconds.

Next, I’ll have a box with something like “Show your support for protecting small wild cats by giving a gift this #GivingTuesday”

Link to WCN donation page.

End with a manul’s picture.

I will work a bit more on the text as well.

Ignore the banners below.

All wild cat species are given an IUCN rank

Small cats face a variety of threats

Such as habitat destruction, hunting, human-wildlife conflict.

So Why Not Donate?

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