Carlos A. Delgado Vélez

Carlos A. Delgado Vélez is a lecturer of the Programa de Ecología, Universidad CES in Medellín, Colombia. His program in the ecology and conservation of the globally vulnerable Oncilla, Northern tigrina or Tigrillo lanudo (Leopardus tigrinus) has the mission to contribute to the threat reduction, conservation research, public awareness, natural history, and mitigation programs of this secretive and ignored species in ongoing urbanizing landscapes of Latin America where Oncilla habitat is highly permeated by roads, motorized traffic, domestic and invasive species, deforestation, and suburban sprawl. This project has an important component of community and multidisciplinary participation. Moreover, Juan José Mora is a Biology undergraduate student at Universidad CES who has recently joint the Oncilla project. He will be studying aspect of the Oncilla natural history. Seminal funding was provided by The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. Other supporters include Universidad CES, Secretaría de Medio Ambiente de Envigado, La Bici Errante (Camilo Botero), Tayra Colombia (Juan Manuel Obando), Andrés Arias (Wildlife Naturalist) and Aburrá Natural.

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