Gabriella Fredriksson

Gabriella is a conservation biologist who has been working in Indonesia for the past 20 years. She received her PhD at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, focusing on the effects of El Niño and forest fires on the ecology of sun bears. She is currently actively working on its habitat conservation in Sumatra and Kalimantan, and has pioneered the development of an innovative conservation education center in East Kalimantan, and is further interested in wildlife surveys and monitoring techniques, training/capacity building of local conservation NGOs and students.

In 2016 Gabriella initiated a small cat study in east Kalimantan and succeeded in documenting all 5 Bornean cat species in the Sungai Wain Protection Forest, one of the last patches of lowland forests left nowadays in the wider region.


Sugi is from East Kalimantan and grew up spending time in the forest, and, over time watched its depletion threatening its wildlife. He worked as a community ranger in the Wehea Protection Forest, before getting his University degree in Forestry. Since then, he has worked on camera trapping in several tropical forests in East Kalimantan over the last few years, including the Wehea Protection Forest and the Sungai Wain Protection Forest.

His ambition is to expand his work to monitoring habitat disturbance and hunting and hopes to dedicate an MSc research project focused on ecology and conservation of small carnivores.

  • Date March 17, 2014
  • Tags Bornean Bay Cat, Clouded Leopard, Flat-headed Cat, Leopard Cat, Marbled Cat

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