Ganga Ram Regmi

Ganga Ram Regmi and his team had been searching the Pallas’s cat in Nepal since early 2013 throughout Nepal Himalaya. Mr Tashi Rapte Ghale (Citizen scientist and a renowned photographer) discovered and photographed the live Pallas’s cat in the late 2013 for the first time in Nepal while he was working with Snow Leopard Conservancy. Immediately after the discovery of this beautiful cat, Tashi joined with Ganga’s team.

After confirming the presence of cat, the team started the camera-trapping project from November 2013 to establish the presence/absence of the cat in Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal. To date, they have confirmed the cat’s presence only in Manang district of Annapurna Conservation Area. The camera-trapping has also been helping us to reveal the ecological and behavioral information of the cat in the area.

Besides running cameras in such rugged terrain and High-Himalayas (>3,500m above sea level), the team have also been conducting school education programs, community outreach, training to the local herders for the cat-friendly grazing and awareness program for the tourists who hike and visit in the Pallas’s cat habitat.

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  • Date February 21, 2013
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